​​​​​​Pam Mines

Pam Mines is a wife, mother, author, entrepreneur, special needs advocate, lawmaker (and low-key comedian lol). This Virginia native is a passionate champion for families with differently-abled loved ones and the community as a whole.  Her passion is largely because her son JP has Autism and she wanted him, and others like him, to feel supported and seen.  Her Out Loud, Out Front and Out of Control Advocacy has raised awareness across the country for this UNseen community.  She is an out of the box thinker who gets things done with her jovial approach and positive outlook about a very serious subject. She reminds us that having a loved one with special needs is what you’re chosen for, which led to her first children’s book titled, “God Chose Me”.  Pam prides herself on being a contributing voice for the special needs community, but not the only voice.

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​​​​​​​​Pam has been described as a pebble in the community that creates a ripple effect of change that moves people to get involved. She builds lifetime relationships from very short interactions and often jokes with people she connects with by saying, #YouCantQuitMe.  When Pam speaks, people listen.  She has a way of presenting that makes people take an interest in the subject.  She helps you relate to the topic, even if the topic doesn't relate to you. She is a very optimistic person who lives her life expecting the best in every situation.  Advocating for the special needs community is Pam’s passion and she makes a reference to it whenever she speaks.  Her goal is to gain allies and encourage more people to be a part of the "We" when it comes to this UNseen community. 

In addition to being a frequent speaker for the special needs community, Pam has also sat on many panels and hosted live events (even some that were not related to the special needs community). ​Pam speaks on a variety of other subjects such as the power of being positive, thinking out of the box, philanthropy, community engagement, being a change maker, vision planning etc. Here are just a few things that were said after hearing Pam speak: ​​

  • “Pam Mines was hilarious!!!! Seemed very down to earth. I appreciated her honesty. She let us know that you won't know everything but it's necessary to find the person who knows what you don't know.”​
  • “I liked the fact that Pam Mines took charge and is making a difference for families with differently-abled children.”
  • “Pam Mines was very impressionable. Despite her situation she presented herself as a very uplifting spirit to all of us.”
  • “Pam in "Change Makers" was AWESOME! Her down to earth style and spirit was contagious.”
  • “Pam in "Change Makers", she was just awesome and should consider stand-up.”
  • “Pam Mines was very energetic, kept us engaged.”
  • “Pam Mines was definitely the most passionate speaker.”
  • “Pam Mines - learned a lot from her about Special Needs.”
  • “Pam Mines, an awesome mother and passion driven change agent.”