Remember this is a Virginia State Law.  People all over Virginia can benefit from this specialized driver’s license/identification card. The next goal is to take “JP’s Law” from a State Law to a National Law.  Click here to get a  Virginia DMV Identification Card or Driver's License Application.


Pam Mines is a true advocate.  She initiated "JP's Law" in Virginia in 2013.  There was a meeting with Congressman Donald McEachin (at the time he was a state senator), then a meeting with municipals in September and a press conference in January.  By March it had passed through the Virginia house of delegates and the senate UNANIMOUSLY (because autism and special needs is a bipartisan issue).  On July 1, 2014 "JP's Law" became effective in the state of Virginia. "JP’s Law" allows individuals to VOLUNTARILY add an innocuous code to their Virginia issued driver's licenses and/or identification card noting they have Autism or an Intellectual Disability. This will help law enforcement become aware of an individual's diagnosis so they can better respond to their unique abilities and limitations avoiding heartbreaking tragedies.  As of April 16, 2018, there are 1,169 individuals who have a "JP's Law" ID or Driver's License. Pam has been training law enforcement  in Virginia on the behaviors and responses of those with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities.  Pam did this to be proactive not reactive, she did it in honor of her son, not in memory of him.  She firmly believes that tragedy should not dictate the urgency of necessary change, the prevention of tragedy does.  Pam's desire is to make "JP's Law" a National Law across the country so that we have ONE code, ONE training, ONE LAW!! If you would like to get this specialized "JP's Law" ID, here is what you need to submit to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles:​​​


Pam is a Philanthropist and all about giving back to the community as a whole.  To fulfill this desire, in 2013 Pam started her own foundation.  Click HERE to find out more about the JP JumPers Foundation.



1.  A Birth Certificate - that proves identity and legal presence. 
2.  Proof of Residency - parents of minors may present their ID and proof of residency to certify to their child's Virginia residency. 
3.  A Statement from the Doctor - stating the individual applying for the specialized "JP's Law" Driver's License or Identification Card has an official diagnosis of Autism or an Intellectual Disability.
4.  Completed DMV Application - if applying for a driver's license, you will need your Social Security Card.
5.  Application Fees - $10 is the cost to obtain or have an existing ID reissued  $20 is the cost to have a driver's license reissued with the innocuous code.
6.  If you are getting a driver's license for the first time, you must pass the standard driving tests before the "JP's Law" innocuous code can be noted on your Driver's License. ©